The Trouble With Red Lipstick

The Trouble With Red Lipstick


Contessa Turnipseed’s sharp tongue, hot derriere, and desire for the finer things in life are competing to see which can cause her the most trouble. Her sister Karen, the educated fool of the family, is a poster child for professional success but has a struggling love life and has fallen too easily for the wrong man. Patricia, the oldest of the three siblings, is bored out of her mind with her twenty-year marriage when she discovers her husband has had an affair-and an illegitimate baby. Emily, the matriarch of the Turnipseed family, is saucy and demanding even while recovering from a debilitating stroke. Still, she’s intent on using her guile and the revelation of shocking family secrets to stop her three adult daughters from spiraling into separate crises.

Mixing the humor, irreverence, wisdom, and strength of mother-daughter bonds, The Trouble With Red Lipstick follows the bold and brash Turnipseed women as their lives take a series of unexpected turns and they each learn, in their own way, the importance of love, trust, and forgiveness.


“The Trouble With Red Lipstick is definitely captivating and a good read for women of all walks of life. I laughed, cried and cursed a few folks out while enjoying the complexities of the characters. The book is full of life lessons and I believe all women will recognize themselves, their mother, sisters, cousins or girlfriends in one of the Turnipseed women. Vision is always 20/20 when looking at someone else’s situation but how often do we pause and do an honest self-reflection??? Well, this book made me take the time to self-reflect and realize how decisions that I make today have a profound impact in the direction of my life. I also recognize the importance of all the women in my life. I’m going to send several copies of the book as gifts. Thank you K.J. Dixon and keep writing.”

By Amazon Customer on November 3, 2015

“Ms. Dixon has given us a page turner! Her writing is fluid and conversational, she has captured the ability to take you with her as she writes. Clear and concise plot development and the characters evolve as the story goes. The book is mature and entertaining, introspective and a session with a life coach. It’s a gumbo of all things that make a novel a winner. You will devote a day of your life to read this her book, and like all great books, you will experience the disappointment that is done. I’m looking for the next one and to find K. J. Dixon on the NYT Best Seller List!”

By Big Daddy on November 2, 2015


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