Purple Purple Everywhere!

Published on October 18th, 2017

I’ve loved the color purple since I was a girl. I keep a purple ink pen in my purse for making quick grocery lists or to write myself notes. Though I can be a little conservative, I love purple nail polish on my toes. I wear purple eyeliner on my bottom lid if I’m trying to be cute. Those closest to me send me purple flowers on special occasions so that they can watch my face light up like a child on Christmas. I have seen the movie The Color Purple more times than I’m willing to tell you.

Violet Vision means more than book publishing and distribution for women who think like me. Having violet vision means that I’m able to color the world with everything I find beautiful—like having one big ass purple crayon. For me, it will usually involve books and anything else I find that will improve the lives of women. For you, it can mean whatever you like that’s full of love and goodness.

I’m pleased to introduce my books to you—both old and new—under my very own Violet Vision imprint. And this is only the beginning—there’s so much more to come.

Happy reading.


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