Published on September 30th, 2015

One of my very best friends got married this weekend. She and her groom exchanged vows during a beautiful ceremony that was enriched by the presence of family and friends, and was full of laughter, smiles, happy tears, clinking glasses, fun music and dancing bodies. But more than that, the unmistakable energy of unconditional love was in the air.

I struggled to propose a toast to the bride and groom without becoming teary eyed myself. I did not want to ruin the makeup that Tierra had meticulously applied to my face, nor did I want to risk blinking off an eyelash. I gave my best wishes to Gina and Gerard, but struggle I did. Not because I’d stayed up most of the night before, or because I was still laughing at some of the marriage advice rendered to Gina by her tipsy girlfriends earlier in the day, but because I love love. Especially the peculiar, unconditional bond that can form between two people if and when they’re lucky enough to find one another.

I believe that making a commitment to honor someone or something with your attention and fidelity is the single most important way to demonstrate your appreciation and affection. And I’m not just talking about relationships between two people. The same principle applies to the things like our talents, our children, our health and our spirituality.

I wonder how much more rich and rewarding all our lives would become if we made commitments to unconditionally love and protect the things we’ve already been given. What would I do differently? Would I stop slinging my bras onto doorknobs as though I were removing shackles and instead place them neatly into lingerie drawers? Would I be more thankful for my garden flowers that I sometimes forget to water and make sure they never droop again because of my carelessness? Would I say I love you more to my family instead of texting them Bitmoji strips?

I am committing to recommit to everyone and everything that deserves my attention. Gina, thank you for reminding me to never take anything for granted. You were the baddest bride I’ve ever seen and that was a hell of an open bar. Happy honeymooning!

Oh, and I almost forgot to say it. How could I forget? I love you.


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