I Already Know That Not Everyone Will Feel Me on This One

Published on May 4th, 2015

Anybody who knows me could probably tell you how much I enjoy Marvel’s superhero movies!

I grew up reading comic books, and especially loved anything featuring Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Widow (she’s now known to most as Natasha Romanoff), and last but not least Archie and his girls, Betty and Veronica. Seeing the new Avenger’s movie this weekend was a fun and satisfying experience for me, as I was reunited with most of my favorite comic book cool kids (and while Archie and Betty have not yet been featured in any movies that I’m aware of, Iron Man did make a joke referencing Veronica that I found to be very cute). I was pleased to see that Ultron showed his ass, Captain America is still very much a gentleman, Bruce Banner seems to be falling in love again, and that there are more infinity jewels to locate besides the Tesseract and the Mind Stone (which means more exciting sequels!).

More than all of that, though, I always enjoy the messages and themes behind all of these heroes and their stories. For example, Natasha, who we understand to have been a bad girl in her past life, is determined to atone for her previous actions by helping to save the world with every opportunity that she’s afforded. And even though Hulk is big, green, scary and ugly, he can focus his attention on smashing bad guys and evil machines at just the right time in order to save the day. In other words, they’re all flawed just like we are, but they’re still intent on providing leadership to this world through service in whatever ways they can.

Yesterday evening, as I was planting some flowers, my daughter asked me why God made bugs. And as if he might have heard her question and was attempting to answer, a big worm stuck his head out of the dirt I was working in and waved his body back and forth, exposing his holes in the ground. I suggested to her that by doing just that, the worm was aerating the soil so that my plants might grow. Then I giggled at the thought that worms—just like the comic book spiders, bats and ants—might be superheroes too, destined to save the earth.

I wonder if I could write a script for an action movie called Worm-Man. And hell, if the Ant-Man movie turns out to be any good this summer, then I might just try it.


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