Let’s Hear it For the Boys

Published on December 20th, 2014

Who remembers that song? I do. And I’ve been singing it all day long.

A lot has been happening with our young men lately. News stations are reporting more doom and gloom than I’d care to see. But in the midst of all the angry protests, upset youth, broken-hearts and disappointed spirits, I want to salute my brothers who represent positive change in our communities. I know quite a few who work a few several jobs to support their families. I know a good many more who are active parents, either biologically or by choice or both, to children and adolescents. I love to see the ones who promote wellness of any kind, but especially health and fitness gurus who tell me to eat brown rice instead of white, or maybe challenge me to participate in a few hours of cross fit training. I have the pleasure of knowing several brilliant scientists, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, educators and businessmen who teach me something new every time we talk.

Right now at this moment I feel very compelled to shout out Dr. Shelton Goode and thank him for studying trends related to diversity in the professional workforce, and for blazing new trails for young men to follow. I hear that they’re loving MyABDNetwork and chasing after those doctorate degrees with fervor and passion. Go bring us home some more PhDs! Show the world who you are.

And to all my fellas who are out there working hard—the camera crews on the news stations might not see you, but I see you. And I’m thankful for you.


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